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Energetics Ed is a 501c3 non-profit bringing highly engaging energy education to young people. Solar Rollers is our flagship program - high school teams building and racing sophisticated solar-powered remote-control cars.



knowledge is power 

Technically this is untrue, but you get the point.



Solar Rollers is growing rapidly. In 2019 we ran races in Colorado, Nevada and Texas. We are evaluating locations and will post 2020 race sites soon.

We also run a limited number of seed teams in areas we do not serve yet. Seed teams build a Solar Roller and use it to start a race in their area by recruiting more school teams and partners.



The Solar Rollers program costs $2500 per team, including the materials kit, online course and race event. However, this cost is often subsidized by one or more regional sponsors.

For example, Tesla invested in Solar Rollers to reduce the cost for each first-year Nevada team to $500. Teams conduct their own fundraising efforts to cover their share of costs.



Here's what you need to participate.

  • a group of high-school-aged students who are stoked

  • an adult team-leader who is responsible and also stoked

  • a place and time to meet

  • about 40 hours of team time

You'll also want to confirm your team's availability for the all-day race event near the end of the school year.

As for tools, at a minimum you'll need to find or borrow basic power tools such as a drill, a jigsaw and a soldering iron. If you've got access to higher tech tools - use them!



The car specs and guidelines are left as open as possible to promote innovation. Rules are updated every year to keep things fair. Solar Rollers is an iterative program - high schools themselves push the technology forward every year while the energy-based racing challenge remains similar.

The Basic Guidelines:
Max length 100cm. Max width 55cm. 
Minimum weight 900g.
PV cells must be protected with a covering of your choice.
Foam bumper protection required on front, rear and corners.
PV to battery voltage ratio is limited to prevent overcharging.

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