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Energetics Ed is a 501c3 non-profit bringing highly engaging energy education to young people. Solar Rollers is our flagship program - high school teams building and racing sophisticated solar-powered remote-control cars.

Support Opportunities

Give 'til it hertz.

Around the sun club

Schools come back to Solar Rollers year after year. The seniors graduate, the juniors move up to lead the team, and the sophomores introduce the new freshmen to the program. Through this process the students and their teachers steadily gain knowledge about clean energy, energy storage, mechanical/electrical engineering and most of all themselves.

Donors also come back to Solar Rollers year after year. The Around the Sun Club is a group of donors pledging at least $1500 per year to support the program. A sustainable Around the Sun donation provides the teams with continuous course development, kit updates, tech support and events. It allows the non-profit to anticipate cash flow year after year. And it travels alongside us through space and time.

$1500 Annual Sustainable Membership



Founders' Array

One solar cell makes power, but start linking cells together into an array and you can really propel things - like Solar Rollers. A standard Solar Roller uses 14 cells in a circuit, each building upon the power of the cells before it. 

The Founders' Array is a very special Solar Rollers array. Each of the 14 cells represents a donor giving $25,000 or more. Together these Founders propel the entire program forward as it goes national. 

The Founders' Array will first be recognized as a life-size Solar Roller plaque, with each Founders' name engraved on a cell. It will be displayed at Solar Rollers World Headquarters and appear at events.

When the 14th Founder signs on, we'll invite the Founders to actually solder a real array. That array will go on top of a custom engraved Founders' Solar Roller. Will they let each other drive it? It's up to them.

$25,000 One-time Donation

Corporate Sponsorship Levels