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Energetics Ed is a 501c3 non-profit bringing highly engaging energy education to young people. Solar Rollers is our flagship program - high school teams building and racing sophisticated solar-powered remote-control cars.

Shams Dubai Solar Rollers

Shams dubai solar rollers

Dubai’s leaders strongly support innovation and creativity in the push to achieve sustainability – and high school students are now joining the effort by competing in the Shams Dubai Solar Rollers program. Participating high school teams will design, build and race custom solar-powered radio-controlled cars. Each racecar is a complete, sophisticated photovoltaic (PV) clean energy system. The team that makes the most of the solar energy available on raceday will be the winner!

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Shams Dubai and Solar Rollers share a passion for bringing clean energy education and awareness to the public eye, as well as inspiring the next generation workforce to gain technical skills and improve energy systems through innovation.  The government of Dubai, through Innovation and the Future Division of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), has brought in Solar Rollers to engage high school students in hands-on energy studies. The 16 teams participating in the program will use cutting-edge materials kits and an online course to design and build high-performance solar RC cars for several months before coming together to race.

About Shams Dubai

The Shams Dubai initiative encourages household and building owners to install PV panels to generate electricity, and connect them to DEWA’s grid. The electricity is used on site and the surplus is exported to DEWA’s network. 

Shams Dubai is DEWA’s first smart initiative to connect solar energy to buildings. This leading initiative supports the vision of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to make Dubai the smartest city in the world. It also supports diversifying the energy mix by promoting the use of clean and renewable energy sources to build a sustainable future for the Emirate. 

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about solar rollers

Solar Rollers is an innovative project-based, hands-on clean energy education program for high schools. The program is based in Colorado and Solar Rollers racing is growing rapidly in the United States.

Trophy race event

A Solar Rollers Trophy Race consists of seven different competitions run throughout the day. Trophies are awarded to overall winners as well as the top three teams in each event:

  • 20 Questions: a team academic panel quiz judged by community PV, engineering and energy experts.
  • Overall Top Speed: radar measured top speed – with battery.
  • PV-Direct Top Speed: top speed using direct sunlight only.
  • PV-Direct Circuit Race: full-track road race using sunlight only,
  • Main Circuit Race: starting with discharged batteries, teams have 30 minutes to precharge in the sun before running a 60-minute road endurance race.
  • Fastest Lap: the fastest single lap of the day - any driver allowed.
  • Overall: teams accumulate points for placing in any of the above events. The Main Circuit Race is weighted heavily.